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plpat.3plplot - Man Page

Set area line fill pattern


plpat(nlin, inc, del)


Sets the area line fill pattern to be used, e.g., for calls to plfill(3plplot). The pattern consists of 1 or 2 sets of parallel lines with specified inclinations and spacings.  The arguments to this routine are the number of sets to use (1 or 2) followed by two vectors (with 1 or 2 elements) specifying the inclinations in tenths of a degree and the spacing in micrometers.  (See also plpsty(3plplot))

Redacted form: General: plpat(inc, del)

This function is used in example 15.


nlin (PLINT(3plplot), input)

Number of sets of lines making up the pattern, either 1 or 2.

inc (PLINT_VECTOR(3plplot), input)

A vector containing nlin values of the inclination in tenths of a degree.  (Should be between -900 and 900).

del (PLINT_VECTOR(3plplot), input)

A vector containing nlin values of the spacing in micrometers between the lines making up the pattern.


Many developers (who are credited at http://plplot.org/credits.php) have contributed to PLplot over its long history.

See Also

PLplot documentation at http://plplot.org/documentation.php.


May, 2024 PLplot API