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Creates a new stream and makes it the default




Creates a new stream and makes it the default.  Differs from using plsstrm(3plplot), in that a free stream number is found, and returned. Unfortunately, I have to start at stream 1 and work upward, since stream 0 is preallocated.  One of the big flaws in the PLplot API is that no initial, library-opening call is required.  So stream 0 must be preallocated, and there is no simple way of determining whether it is already in use or not.

Redacted form: plmkstrm(p_strm)

This function is used in examples 1 and 20.


p_strm (PLINT_NC_SCALAR(3plplot), output)

Returned value of the stream number of the created stream.


Many developers (who are credited at have contributed to PLplot over its long history.

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