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plimage.3plplot - Man Page

Plot a 2D matrix using cmap1 with automatic color adjustment


plimage(idata, nx, ny, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax, Dxmin, Dxmax, Dymin, Dymax)


Plot a 2D matrix using the cmap1 palette.  The color scale is automatically adjusted to use the maximum and minimum values in idata as valuemin and valuemax in a call to plimagefr(3plplot).

Redacted form: General: plimage(idata, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax, Dxmin, Dxmax, Dymin, Dymax)

This function is used in example 20.


idata (PLFLT_MATRIX(3plplot), input)

A matrix containing function values to plot.  Should have dimensions of nx by ny.

nx, ny (PLINT(3plplot), input)

Dimensions of idata

xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax (PLFLT(3plplot), input)

The x and y index ranges are linearly transformed to these world coordinate ranges such that idata[0][0] corresponds to (xmin, ymin) and idata[nx - 1][ny - 1] corresponds to (xmax, ymax).

zmin, zmax (PLFLT(3plplot), input)

Only data between zmin and zmax (inclusive) will be plotted.

Dxmin, Dxmax, Dymin, Dymax (PLFLT(3plplot), input)

Plot only the window of points whose plot coordinates fall inside the window of (Dxmin, Dymin) to (Dxmax, Dymax).


Many developers (who are credited at http://plplot.org/credits.php) have contributed to PLplot over its long history.

See Also

PLplot documentation at http://plplot.org/documentation.php.


May, 2024 PLplot API