plgdidev.3plplot man page

plgdidev — Get parameters that define current device-space window


plgdidev(p_mar, p_aspect, p_jx, p_jy)


Get relative margin width, aspect ratio, and relative justification that define current device-space window. If plsdidev(3plplot) has not been called the default values pointed to by p_mar, p_aspect, p_jx, and p_jy will all be 0.

Redacted form: plgdidev(p_mar, p_aspect, p_jx, p_jy)

This function is used in example 31.


p_mar (PLFLT *, output)
Pointer to relative margin width.
p_aspect (PLFLT *, output)
Pointer to aspect ratio.
p_jx (PLFLT *, output)
Pointer to relative justification in x.
p_jy (PLFLT *, output)
Pointer to relative justification in y.


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