plgcol0.3plplot man page

plgcol0 — Returns 8-bit RGB values for given color index from cmap0


plgcol0(icol0, r, g, b)


Returns 8-bit RGB values (0-255) for given color from cmap0 (see the PLplot documentation).  Values are negative if an invalid color id is given.

Redacted form: plgcol0(icol0, r, g, b)

This function is used in example 2.


icol0 (PLINT, input)

Index of desired cmap0 color.

r (PLINT *, output)

Pointer to 8-bit red value.

g (PLINT *, output)

Pointer to 8-bit green value.

b (PLINT *, output)

Pointer to 8-bit blue value.


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