plfill.3plplot man page

plfill — Draw filled polygon


plfill(n, x, y)


Fills the polygon defined by the n points (x[i], y[i]) using the pattern defined by plpsty(3plplot) or plpat(3plplot).  The default fill style is a solid fill.  The routine will automatically close the polygon between the last and first vertices.  If multiple closed polygons are passed in x and y then plfill(3plplot) will fill in between them.

Redacted form: plfill(x,y)

This function is used in examples 12,13,15,16,21,24,25.


n (PLINT, input)

Number of vertices in polygon.

x (const PLFLT *, input)

Pointer to array with x coordinates of vertices.

y (const PLFLT *, input)

Pointer to array with y coordinates of vertices.


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