plconsol.3gv - Man Page

polylist consolidator.


Geom *PLConsol(Geom *g, float prec);


PLConsol() is a function which takes a geom, which must be a polylist, as its argument and returns a version of the polylist which has no repeated vertices.  Two vertices are considered to be identical if  they are within prec of one another.  The comparison takes into account only the location of the points, not their normals or colors.

The vertices of the resultant polyline have been sorted, and so there order bears no resemblance to the order of the point in the original polylist.


PLConsol() is part of the geomutil library; see geomutil(3) for information on how to link your program with this library.

See Also

offconsol(1), geomview(1), geomutil(3)


Celeste Fowler
The Geometry Center

Referenced By

bdy.1gv(1), bdy.3gv(3), geomutil.3gv(3), offconsol.1gv(1).

June 25, 1992 Geometry Center