plcol0.3plplot - Man Page

Set color, cmap0




Sets the color index for cmap0 (see the PLplot documentation).

Redacted form: plcol0(icol0)

This function is used in examples 1-9, 11-16, 18-27, and 29.


icol0 (PLINT(3plplot), input)

Integer representing the color.  The defaults at present are (these may change):

0 black (default background)

1 red (default foreground)

2 yellow

3 green

4 aquamarine

5 pink

6 wheat

7 grey

8 brown

9 blue

10 BlueViolet

11 cyan

12 turquoise

13 magenta

14 salmon

15 white

Use plscmap0(3plplot) to change the entire cmap0 color palette and plscol0(3plplot) to change an individual color in the cmap0 color palette.


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