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play_midi - Man Page

Starts playing the specified MIDI file. Allegro game programming library.


#include <allegro.h>

int play_midi(MIDI *midi, int loop);


Starts playing the specified MIDI file, first stopping whatever music was  previously playing. If the loop flag is set to non-zero, the data will be repeated until replaced with something else, otherwise it will stop at the end of the file. Passing a NULL pointer will stop whatever music is currently playing.

Return Value

Returns non-zero if an error occurs (this may happen if a patch-caching wavetable driver is unable to load the required samples, or at least it might in the future when somebody writes some patch-caching wavetable drivers :-)

See Also

install_sound(3), load_midi(3), play_looped_midi(3), stop_midi(3), midi_pause(3), midi_seek(3), midi_pos(3), midi_time(3), midi_msg_callback(3), exmidi(3)

Referenced By

exmidi(3), install_sound(3), load_midi(3), midi_msg_callback(3), midi_pause(3), midi_pos(3), midi_seek(3), midi_time(3), play_looped_midi(3), stop_midi(3).

version 4.4.3 Allegro manual