pbs_stagein - Man Page

request that files for a pbs batch job be staged in.


#include <pbs_error.h>
#include <pbs_ifl.h>

int pbs_stagein(int connect, char *job_id, char *location,
char *extend)


Issue a batch request to start the stage in of files specified in the stagein attribute of a batch job.

A stage in batch request is generated and sent to the server over the connection specified by connect which is the return value of pbs_connect().

This request directs the server to begin the stage in of files specified in the job's stage in attribute. This request requires that the issuing user have operator or administrator privilege.

The argument, job_id, identifies which job for which file staging is to begin.  It is specified in the form: sequence_number.server

The argument, location, if not the null pointer or null string, specifies the location where the  job will  be run and hence to where the files will be staged. The location is the name of a host in the the cluster managed by the server. If the job is then directed to run at different location, the run request will be rejected.

The argument, extend, is reserved for implementation defined extensions.

See Also

qrun(8B), qsub(1B), and pbs_connect(3B)


When the batch request generated by pbs_stagein() function has been completed successfully by a batch server, the routine will return 0 (zero). Otherwise, a non zero error is returned.  The error number is also set in pbs_errno.


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