pbs_sigjob - Man Page

send a signal to a pbs batch job


#include <pbs_error.h>
#include <pbs_ifl.h>

int pbs_sigjob(int connect, char *job_id, char *signal, char *extend)

int pbs_sigjobasync(int connect, char *job_id, char *signal, 
char *extend)


Issue a batch request to send a signal to a batch job.

A Signal Job batch request is generated and sent to the server over the connection specified by connect which is the return value of pbs_connect(). If the batch job is in the running state, the batch server will send the job the signal number corresponding to the signal named in signal. When the asynchronous pbs_sigjobasync() call is used, the server will reply before passing the signal request to the pbs_mom.

The argument, job_id, identifies which job is to be signaled, it is specified in the form: sequence_number.server

If the name of the signal is not a recognized signal name on the execution host, no signal is sent and an error is returned.  If the job is not in the running state, no signal is sent and an error is returned.

The parameter, extend, is reserved for implementation defined extensions.

See Also

qsig(1B) and pbs_connect(3B)


When the batch request generated by the pbs_sigjob() or pbs_sigjobasync() function has been completed successfully by a batch server, the routine will return 0 (zero). Otherwise, a non zero error is returned.  The error number is also set in pbs_errno.


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