pam_get_user - Man Page

get user name


#include <security/pam_modules.h>

int pam_get_user(const pam_handle_t *pamh, const char **user, const char *prompt);


The pam_get_user function returns the name of the user specified by pam_start(3). If no user was specified it returns what pam_get_item (pamh, PAM_USER, ... ); would have returned. If this is NULL it obtains the username via the pam_conv(3) mechanism, it prompts the user with the first non-NULL string in the following list:

By whatever means the username is obtained, a pointer to it is returned as the contents of *user. Note, this memory should not be free()'d or modified by the module.

This function sets the PAM_USER item associated with the pam_set_item(3) and pam_get_item(3) functions.

Return Values


User name was successful retrieved.


A NULL pointer was submitted.


The conversation method supplied by the application failed to obtain the username.


Memory buffer error.


Error resuming an old conversation.


The conversation method supplied by the application is waiting for an event.

See Also

pam_end(3), pam_get_item(3), pam_set_item(3), pam_strerror(3)

Referenced By

pam(3), pam_get_item(3).

09/03/2021 Linux-PAM Manual