packet.transport.rdmainfo - Man Page

RDMA reassembly module


Provides functionality to reassemble RDMA fragments.


class RDMAinfo(packet.utils.RDMAbase)

RDMA info object used for reassembly

The reassembled message consists of one or multiple chunks and
each chunk in turn could be composed of multiple segments. Also,
each segment could be composed of multiple sub-segments and each
sub-segment could be composed of multiple fragments.
The protocol only defines segments but if the segment length is
large, it is split into multiple sub-segments in which each
sub-segment is specified by RDMA_WRITE_First or RDMA_READ_Request
packets. The handle is the same for each of these packets but with
a shorter DMA length.

Thus in order to reassemble all fragments for a single message,
a list of segments is created where each segment is identified
by its handle or RKey and the message is reassembled according
to the chuck lists specified by the RPC-over-RDMA layer.

Methods defined here:

__del__ = reset(self)


Initialize object's private data according to the arguments given.
Arguments can be given as positional, named arguments or a
combination of both.

__len__ = size(self)

add_iwarp_data(self, rdmap, unpack, isread=False)
Add iWarp fragment data

add_iwarp_request(self, rdmap)
Add iWarp read request information

add_rdma_data(self, psn, unpack, reth=None, only=False, read=False)
Add Infiniband fragment data

add_rdma_segment(self, rdma_seg, rpcrdma=None)
Add RDMA segment information and if the information already
exists just update the length and return the segment

del_rdma_segment(self, rsegment)
Delete RDMA segment information

get_rdma_segment(self, handle)
Return RDMA segment identified by the given handle

process_rdma_segments(self, rpcrdma)
Process the RPC-over-RDMA chunks

When this method is called on an RPC call, it adds the
information of all the segments to the list of segments.
When this method is called on an RPC reply, the segments
should already exist so just update the segment's DMA length
as returned by the reply.

RPCoRDMA reads attribute is a list of read segments
Read segment is a plain segment plus an XDR position
A read chunk is the collection of all read segments
with the same XDR position

RPCoRDMA writes attribute is a list of write chunks
A write chunk is a list of plain segments

RPCoRDMA reply is just a single write chunk if it exists.
Return the reply chunk data

reassemble_rdma_reads(self, unpack, psn=None, only=False, rdmap=None)
Reassemble RDMA read chunks
The RDMA read chunks are reassembled in the read last operation

Clear RDMA segments

Return the number RDMA segments

class RDMArequest(builtins.object)

RDMA iWarp Request object

Methods defined here:

__contains__(self, offset)
Membership test operator.
Return true if offset belongs to this request

__init__(self, rdmap, rsegment)
Initialize self.  See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

get_offset(self, offset)
Return offset translated from sink to src

class RDMAseg(builtins.object)

RDMA sub-segment object

The sub-segment is created for each RDMA_WRITE_First, RDMA_WRITE_Only
or RDMA_READ_Request and each sub-segment belongs to a list in the
RDMAsegment object so there is no segment identifier or handle.

Reassembly for each sub-segment is done using the PSN or packet
sequence number in each of the data fragments. Therefore, a range
of PSN numbers define this object which is given by the spsn and
epsn attributes (first and last PSN respectively).

Methods defined here:


__init__(self, spsn, epsn, dmalen)
Initialize self.  See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

get_data(self, padding=True)
Return sub-segment data

Return sub-segment data size

insert_data(self, psn, data)
Insert data at correct position given by the psn

class RDMAsegment(builtins.object)

RDMA segment object

Each segment is identified by its handle. The segment information
comes from the RPC-over-RDMA protocol layer so the length attribute
gives the total DMA length of the segment.

Methods defined here:


__init__(self, rdma_seg, rpcrdma)
Initialize self.  See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.

add_data(self, psn, data)
Add Infiniband fragment data

add_fragment(self, offset, data)
Add iWarp fragment to segment

add_sub_segment(self, psn, dmalen, only=False, iosize=0)
Add RDMA sub-segment PSN information

get_data(self, padding=True)
Return segment data

Return segment data

valid_psn(self, psn)
True if given psn is valid for this segment

See Also

baseobj(3), packet.utils(3)


No known bugs.


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