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ERF module


Decode Extensible Record Format layer Reference: ERF Types Reference Guide, EDM11-01 - Version 21


class ERF(baseobj.BaseObj)

Extensible record format object

    from import ERF

    x = ERF(pktt)

Object definition:

    timestamp = int64,  # The time of arrival, an ERF 64-bit timestamp
    rtype     = int,    # ERF type
    flags     = int,    # ERF flags
    rlen      = int,    # Record length
    lctr      = int,    # Loss counter/color field
    wlen      = int,    # Wire length
    psize     = int,    # Payload data size

Methods defined here:

__init__(self, pktt)

Initialize object's private data.

    Packet trace object (packet.pktt.Pktt) so this layer has
    access to the parent layers.

String representation of object

The representation depends on the verbose level set by debug_repr().
If set to 0 the generic object representation is returned.
If set to 1 the representation of the object is condensed:
    'rtype=21 rlen=312 wlen=290 '

If set to 2 the representation of the object also includes the type
of payload:
    'rtype: 21(InfiniBand), rlen: 312, wlen: 290 '

class ERF_TS(

ERF Time Stamp

Methods defined here:

Return str(self).

See Also

baseobj(3), packet.transport.ib(3)


No known bugs.


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