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options — Options and Settings to tune MEPACK

— Interface for setting performance related parameters.  



Machine Specific Data
Machine spefific data for double and single precision computations.
Block Size settings
Manage the block size setting for the computational routines.
Level-2 solver selection
Select the inner solvers inside the triangular and the DAG solvers.
Sorting the eigenvalues
Enable or disable the eigenvalue sorting in frontend routines.
Select the solvers used by the frontend routines
Select the triangular solver for the frontend routines.
Auxiliary Options
Auxiliary Options for OpenMP and verbosity.

Detailed Description

Interface for setting performance related parameters.

The algorithms in MEPACK can be tuned by setting different parameters. Mostly, these are block size parameters but also the sorting of eigenvalue can be influenced. This section contains the routine to set and get these parameters. Furthmore, the parameters can be set via a tuning file. For details see Matrix Equations PACKage (MEPACK).


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