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odbx_field_length - Man Page

Returns the length of a field value


#include <opendbx/api.h>

unsigned long odbx_field_length (odbx_result_t* result, unsigned long pos);


odbx_field_length() returns the length of the field value in bytes. The field is part of the current row which was retrieved by the latest call to odbx_row_fetch() and is specified by the column index given by pos.

The result parameter required by this function must be a valid result set returned by odbx_result() and must not has been feed to odbx_result_finish() before.

Valid column indices for the requested column provided via pos start with zero and end with the value returned by odbx_column_count() minus one.

Return Value

The odbx_field_length() function provides the number of bytes of the specified field to the caller. If the field value consists of character data, the returned length will be without the terminating zero character. For binary values the exact size of the block as stored in the database is returned.


This function will also return zero if the result parameter is invalid or if the value of pos is out of range.

See Also

odbx_field_value(), odbx_result()

Referenced By

odbx_field_value(3), odbx_row_fetch(3).

20 July 2023 OpenDBX