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odbx_column_name - Man Page

Get the name of a column in the current result set


#include <opendbx/api.h>

char* odbx_column_name (odbx_result_t* result, unsigned long pos);


odbx_column_name() gets the name of the column specified by pos in the current result set returned by odbx_result(). The column names will not change within the result set with the exception described for MySQL in odbx_column_count() when the first result set wasn't retrieved completely before odbx_result() was called again.

The result parameter required by this function must be a valid result set returned by odbx_result() and must not have been feed to odbx_result_finish() before.

Valid column indices for the requested column provided via pos start with zero and end with the value returned by odbx_column_count() minus one.

Return Value

The return value of odbx_column_name() is a pointer to a zero terminated string which consists of the name of the requested column. This pointer is allocated by the database client library and must not be freed by the application. The content of the string may be overwritten by the next call to odbx_column_name()


Errors can occur if the given result parameter is NULL or invalid or if the value of pos is out of range, i.e. more than odbx_column_count() minus one.

See Also

odbx_column_count(), odbx_column_type(), odbx_result()

Referenced By

odbx_column_count(3), odbx_column_type(3), odbx_result(3), odbx_row_fetch(3).

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