oath_hex2bin - Man Page

API function


#include <oath.h>

int oath_hex2bin(const char * hexstr, char * binstr, size_t * binlen);


const char * hexstr

input string with hex data

char * binstr

output string that holds binary data, or NULL

size_t * binlen

output variable holding needed length of binstr


Convert string with hex data to binary data.

Non-hexadecimal data are not ignored but instead will lead to an OATH_INVALID_HEX error.

If binstr is NULL, then binlen will be populated with the necessary length.  If the binstr buffer is too small, OATH_TOO_SMALL_BUFFER is returned and binlen will contain the necessary length.


On success, OATH_OK (zero) is returned, otherwise an error code is returned.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <oath-toolkit-help@nongnu.org>. liboath home page: https://www.nongnu.org/oath-toolkit/ General help using GNU software: http://www.gnu.org/gethelp/


2.6.11 liboath