nozzle_add_ip - Man Page

equivalent of ip addr or ifconfig <ipaddress/prefix>


#include <libnozzle.h>

int nozzle_add_ip(
    nozzle_t      nozzle,
    const char   *ipaddr,
    const char   *prefix



nozzle - pointer to the nozzle struct

ipaddr - string containing either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address. Please note that Linux will automatically remove any IPv6 addresses from an interface with MTU < 1280. libnozzle will cache those IPs and re-instate them when MTU is > 1280. MTU must be set via nozzle_set_mtu for IPv6 to be re-instated.

prefix - 24, 64 or any valid network prefix for the requested address.

Return Value

0 on success -1 on error and errno is set.

See Also

nozzle_close(3), nozzle_set_mtu(3), nozzle_get_fd(3), nozzle_get_mtu(3), nozzle_reset_mtu(3), nozzle_set_up(3), nozzle_get_ips(3), nozzle_set_down(3), nozzle_reset_mac(3), nozzle_get_handle_by_name(3), nozzle_run_updown(3), nozzle_open(3), nozzle_del_ip(3), nozzle_get_mac(3), nozzle_set_mac(3), nozzle_get_name_by_handle(3),

Referenced By

nozzle_close(3), nozzle_del_ip(3), nozzle_get_fd(3), nozzle_get_handle_by_name(3), nozzle_get_ips(3), nozzle_get_mac(3), nozzle_get_mtu(3), nozzle_get_name_by_handle(3), nozzle_open(3), nozzle_reset_mac(3), nozzle_reset_mtu(3), nozzle_run_updown(3), nozzle_set_down(3), nozzle_set_mac(3), nozzle_set_mtu(3), nozzle_set_up(3).

2022-05-30 Kronosnet Programmer's Manual