nodeupdown_errnum man page

nodeupdown_errnum, nodeupdown_strerror, nodeupdown_errormsg, nodeupdown_perror — nodeupdown error routines


#include <nodeupdown.h>

int nodeupdown_errnum(nodeupdown_t handle);

char *nodeupdown_strerror(int errnum);

char *nodeupdown_errormsg(nodeupdown_t handle);

void nodeupdown_perror(nodeupdown_t handle, const char *msg);


nodeupdown_errnum() returns the error code stored in handle.

nodeupdown_strerror() returns a pointer to a string describing the error code errnum.

Generally, an error code is retrieved by nodeupdown_errnum() and then passed to nodeupdown_strerror().

nodeupdown_errormsg() returns a pointer to a string describing the error stored in handle.  It is logically equivalent to:

char *nodeupdown_strerror(nodeupdown_errnum(nodeupdown_t handle));

nodeupdown_perror() is similar to perror(3). It produces a message on standard error output, describing the error stored in handle.  If msg is not NULL, the string pointed to by msg, a colon, and a blank are printed before the error message.



Referenced By

libnodeupdown(3), nodeupdown_get_up_nodes_list(3), nodeupdown_get_up_nodes_string(3), nodeupdown_handle_destroy(3), nodeupdown_is_node_up(3), nodeupdown_last_up_time(3), nodeupdown_load_data(3), nodeupdown_nodelist_create(3), nodeupdown_up_count(3).

The man pages nodeupdown_errormsg(3) and nodeupdown_strerror(3) are aliases of nodeupdown_errnum(3).