nl_langinfo.3am - Man Page

retrieve locale-specific information strings


@load "nl_langinfo"

result = nl_langinfo(LANGINFO["variable"])


The nl_langinfo extension provides an AWK interface to the nl_langinfo(3) C library routine.  It adds a single function named nl_langinfo(), and an array named LANGINFO.

The single argument in a call to nl_langinfo() should be one of the available values in the LANGINFO array.

The return value is the requested string, or the empty string if an error occurred.

The indices of LANGINFO are the names of various available strings as given in the POSIX standard: see For example, "D_T_FMT" is the current locale's date and time format for use with strftime(3). See the standard for the full list.


@load "nl_langinfo"

# print the time and date in the locale's format
    print strftime(nl_langinfo(LANGINFO["D_T_FMT"]))

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GAWK: Effective AWK Programming,



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