ne_buffer_clear - Man Page

clear, grow, or mark as altered a string buffer


#include <ne_string.h>

void ne_buffer_clear(ne_buffer *buf);

void ne_buffer_altered(ne_buffer *buf);

void ne_buffer_grow(ne_buffer *buf, size_t size);


The ne_buffer_clear function sets the string stored in buf to be the empty string ("").

The ne_buffer_altered function must be used after the string stored in the buffer buf is modified by directly rather than using ne_buffer_append, ne_buffer_zappend or ne_buffer_concat.

The ne_buffer_grow function ensures that at least size bytes are allocated for the string; this can be used if a large amount of data is going to be appended to the buffer and may result in more efficient memory allocation.


Joe Orton


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The man pages ne_buffer_altered(3) and ne_buffer_grow(3) are aliases of ne_buffer_clear(3).

21 January 2023 neon 0.32.5 neon API reference