ncl_mapstc man page

MAPSTC — Sets the values of certain EZMAP parameters of type CHARACTER.

MPSETC is an alternate name for the routine MAPSTC.



C-Binding Synopsis

#include <ncarg/ncargC.h>

void c_mapstc(char *pnam, char *cval)


(an input expression, of type CHARACTER*2) specifies the name of an internal parameter whose value is to be set. Only the first two characters of this string are examined.
(an input expression of type CHARACTER) contains the value to be given to the parameter specified by PNAM.

C-Binding Description

The C-binding argument descriptions are the same as the FORTRAN argument descriptions.


This routine allows you to set the current value of EZMAP parameters. For a complete list of parameters available in this utility, see the ezmap_params man page.


Use the ncargex command to see the following relevant examples: cezmap1, cezmap2, cezmap3, cmpclr, cmpdd, cmpdrw, cmpel, cmpfil, cmpgrd, cmpgrp, cmpita, cmpitm, cmplab, cmplbl, cmplot, cmpmsk, cmpou, cmpsat, cmptit, cmptra, cmpusr, cpex01, cpex03, cpex08, cpex09, mpex01, mpex02, mpex04, mpex05, mpex06, mpex07, mpex09, eezmpa, tezmap, tezmpa.


To use MAPSTC, MPSETC, or c_mapstc, load the NCAR Graphics libraries ncarg, ncarg_gks, and ncarg_c, preferably in that order.


See the ezmap man page for a description of all EZMAP error messages and/or informational messages.

See Also

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Referenced By

ncl_mpsetc(3) is an alias of ncl_mapstc(3).