ncl_csagrid - Man Page


Csagrid is a software package in the ngmath library that implements a  cubic spline approximation algorithm to fit a function to input data.  The input for the approximation is a set of randomly-spaced data. These  data may be one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional.

The output is a set of values at coordinates on a user-specified grid,  or at a set of user-specified points (including at a single point).

Functionally equivalent Fortran, C, and NCL interfaces are provided.

Csagrid is based on the work of David Fulker and his package Splpack.


Fortran one-dimensional input

CSA1S        -  simple entry
CSA1XS       - expanded entry

Fortran two-dimensional input

CSA2S        - simple entry, gridded output
CSA2XS       - expanded entry, gridded output
CSA2LS       - simple entry, list output
CSA2LXS      - expanded entry, list output

Fortran three-dimensional input

CSA3S        - simple entry, gridded output
CSA3XS       - expanded entry, gridded output
CSA3LS       - simple entry, list output
CSA3LXS      - expanded entry, list output

C one-dimensional input

c_csa1s        -  simple entry
c_csa1xs       - expanded entry

C two-dimensional input

c_csa2s        - simple entry, gridded output
c_csa2xs       - expanded entry, gridded output
c_csa2ls       - simple entry, list output
c_csa2lxs      - expanded entry, list output

C three-dimensional input

c_csa3s        - simple entry, gridded output
c_csa3xs       - expanded entry, gridded output
c_csa3ls       - simple entry, list output
c_csa3lxs      - expanded entry, list output

NCL one-dimensional input

csa1s        -  simple entry
csa1xs       - expanded entry

NCL two-dimensional input

csa2s        - simple entry, gridded output
csa2xs       - expanded entry, gridded output
csa2ls       - simple entry, list output
csa2lxs      - expanded entry, list output

NCL three-dimensional input

csa3s        - simple entry, gridded output
csa3xs       - expanded entry, gridded output
csa3ls       - simple entry, list output
csa3lxs      - expanded entry, list output


To use Csagrid entries, load the NCAR Graphics library ngmath.

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Complete documentation for Csagrid is available at URL