ncl_cpchcf - Man Page

Called by Conpack routines when a constant field is detected. The default version does nothing. A user-written version may be supplied to provide control as the constant-field message is drawn.





(INTEGER, input) is positive if an action is about to  be taken, negative if an action has just been completed.  The action in question is defined by the absolute value of  IFLG, as follows:

  • The value 1 implies the determination of the size of the  label (by means of a call to PLCHHQ, in the package  Plotchar, with ANGD=360.).
  • The value 2 implies the filling of the box around the  label, which is done before the drawing of the label itself.
  • The value 3 implies the drawing of the label (by means of a  call to PLCHHQ, in the package Plotchar).
  • The value 4 implies the drawing of the box around the  label, which is done after the drawing of the label itself.


The routine CPCHCF is not to be called by the user. It is called several times by Conpack while a constant-field label is being drawn. The default version of CPCHCF does nothing. A user-supplied replacement may change attributes such as color and line width (by calling the SPPS routine SETUSV or the appropriate GKS routines). The text of the label being written may be retrieved by means of a "CALL CPGETC ('CTM',CVAL)". The text of the label may be changed by means of a "CALL CPSETC ('CTM',CVAL)"; this should only be done during a call with IFLG = 1 or 3 and, if it is done for one of those two values, it should also be done for the other. When CPCHCF is called, the parameter 'ZDV' will have been set to the value of the field; its value may be retrieved and used by CPCHCF.


To use CPCHCF, load the NCAR Graphics libraries ncarg, ncarg_gks, and ncarg_c, preferably in that order.  

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