mysql_stmt_store_result - Man Page


mysql_stmt_store_result - Transfers a result set from a prepared statement


#include <mysql.h>

int mysql_stmt_store_result(MYSQL_STMT * stmt);


You must call mysql_stmt_store_result() for every query that successfully produces a result set only if you want to buffer the complete result set by the client, so that the subsequent mysql_stmt_fetch(3) call returns buffered data.


Return value

Returns zero on success, nonzero if an error occurred. ## Notes * You can detect whether the statement produced a result set by checking the return value of mysql_stmt_field_count(3) function.

See Also

Referenced By

mysql_stmt_attr_get(3), mysql_stmt_attr_set(3), mysql_stmt_data_seek(3), mysql_stmt_fetch(3), mysql_stmt_free_result(3), mysql_stmt_more_results(3), mysql_stmt_next_result(3), mysql_stmt_num_rows(3), mysql_stmt_row_seek(3), mysql_stmt_row_tell(3).

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