mysql_stmt_send_long_data - Man Page


mysql_stmt_send_long_data - Sends data in chunks


#include <mysql.h>

my_bool mysql_stmt_send_long_data(MYSQL_STMT * stmt,
                                  unsigned int,
                                  const char * data,
                                  unsigned long);


Allows sending parameter data to the server in pieces (or chunks), e.g. if the size of a blob exceeds the size of max_allowed_packet size. This function can be called multiple times to send the parts of a character or binary data value for a column, which must be one of the TEXT or BLOB datatypes.


  • stmt - a statement handle, which was previously allocated by mysql_stmt_init(3).
  • param_no - indicates which parameter to associate the data with. Parameters are numbered beginning with 0.
  • data - a buffer containing the data to send.
  • long - size of the data buffer.

Return value

Returns zero on success, nonzero if an error occurred.


See also

Referenced By

mysql_stmt_bind_param(3), mysql_stmt_fetch_column(3).

Version 3.2.2 MariaDB Connector/C