mysql_stmt_reset - Man Page


mysql_stmt_reset - Resets a prepared statement


#include <mysql.h>

my_bool mysql_stmt_reset(MYSQL_STMT * stmt);


Resets a prepared statement on client and server to state after prepare.


  • stmt - a statement handle, which was previously allocated by mysql_stmt_init(3). Returns zero on success, nonzero if an error occurred.

Return value

Returns zero on succes, 1 if an error occured.


  • mysql_stmt_reset() resets the statement on the server, unbuffered result sets and errors. Bindings and stored result sets will not be cleared. The latter one will be cleared when re-executing or closing the prepared statement.
  • To reprepare a prepared statement with another SQL statement use mysql_stmt_prepare(3).

See Also

Referenced By

mysql_stmt_attr_set(3), mysql_stmt_close(3).

Version 3.2.2 MariaDB Connector/C