mysql_stmt_fetch - Man Page


mysql_stmt_fetch - Fetches result set row from a prepared statement


#include <mysql.h>

int mysql_stmt_fetch(MYSQL_STMT * stmt);


Fetch the result from a prepared statement into the buffer bound by [mysql_stmt_bind_result()}(mysql_stmt_bind_result).


Return value

Returns 0 for success, MYSQL_NO_DATA if the end of the result set has been reached, or MYSQL_DATA_TRUNCATION if one or more values are truncated.


  • Note that all columns must be bound by the application before calling mysql_stmt_fetch().
  • Data are transferred unbuffered without calling mysql_stmt_store_result(3) which can decrease performance (but reduces memory cost).
  • Truncation reporting must be enabled by function mysql_optionsv(3) with option MYSQL_REPORT_DATA_TRUNCATION

See Also

Referenced By

mysql_stmt_bind_result(3), mysql_stmt_execute(3), mysql_stmt_fetch_column(3), mysql_stmt_result_metadata(3), mysql_stmt_store_result(3).

Version 3.2.2 MariaDB Connector/C