mysql_stmt_execute - Man Page


mysql_stmt_execute - Executes a prepared statement


#include <mysql.h>

int mysql_stmt_execute(MYSQL_STMT * stmt);


Executes a prepared statement which was previously prepared by mysql_stmt_prepare(3). When executed any parameter markers which exist will automatically be replaced with the appropriate data.


Return value

Returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


  • If the statement is UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE or INSERT, the total number of affected rows can be determined by using the mysql_stmt_affected_rows(3) function. Likewise, if the query yields a result set the mysql_stmt_fetch(3) function is used.

See Also

Referenced By

mysql_stmt_attr_set(3), mysql_stmt_bind_param(3), mysql_stmt_bind_result(3), mysql_stmt_fetch(3), mysql_stmt_more_results(3), mysql_stmt_next_result(3), mysql_stmt_prepare(3), mysql_stmt_reset(3), mysql_stmt_send_long_data(3).

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