mysql_stmt_attr_set - Man Page


mysql_stmt_attr_set - Sets attribute of a statement


#include <mysql.h>

my_bool mysql_stmt_attr_set(MYSQL_STMT * stmt,
                            enum enum_stmt_attr_type,
                            const void * attr);


Used to modify the behavior of a prepared statement. This function may be called multiple times to set several attributes. Returns zero on success, non-zero on failure.


  • stmt - a statement handle, which was previously allocated by mysql_stmt_init(3).
  • enum_stmt_attr_type - the attribute that you want to set. See below.
  • attr - the value to assign to the attribute

Attribute types

The enum_stmt_attr_type attribute can have one of the following values:

STMT_ATTR_UPDATE_MAX_LENGTHmy_bool *If set to 1, mysql_stmt_store_result(3) will update the max_length value of MYSQL_FIELD structures.
STMT_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPEunsigned long *cursor type when mysql_stmt_execute(3) is invoked. Possible values are CURSOR_TYPE_READ_ONLY or default value CURSOR_TYPE_NO_CURSOR.
STMT_ATTR_PREFETCH_ROWSunsigned long *number of rows which will be prefetched. The default value is 1.
STMT_ATTR_PREBIND_PARAMSunsigned int *number of parameter markers when using mariadb_stmt_execute_direct(3). If the statement handle is reused it will be reset automatically to the state after mysql_stmt_init(). This option was added in Connector/C 3.0
STMT_ATTR_ARRAY_SIZEunsigned int *number of array elements. This option was added in Connector/C 3.0 and requires MariaDB 10.2 or later
STMT_ATTR_ROW_SIZEsize_t *specifies size of a structure for row wise binding. This length must include space for all of the bound parameters and any padding of the structure or buffer to ensure that when the address of a bound parameter is incremented with the specified length, the result will point to the beginning of the same parameter in the next set of parameters. When using the sizeof operator in ANSI C, this behavior is guaranteed. If the value is zero column-wise binding will be used (default). This option was added in Connector/C 3.0 and requires MariaDB 10.2 or later


See Also

Referenced By

mariadb_stmt_execute_direct(3), mysql_stmt_attr_get(3), mysql_stmt_bind_param(3).

Version 3.2.2 MariaDB Connector/C