munge_enum - Man Page

MUNGE enumeration functions


#include <munge.h>

int munge_enum_is_valid (munge_enum_t type, int val);

const char * munge_enum_int_to_str (munge_enum_t type, int val);

int munge_enum_str_to_int (munge_enum_t type, const char *str);

cc `pkg-config --cflags --libs munge` -o foo foo.c


The munge_enum_is_valid() function checks if the given value val is a valid MUNGE enumeration of the specified type type in the software configuration as currently compiled.  Some enumerations correspond to options that can only be enabled at compile-time.

The munge_enum_int_to_str() function converts the MUNGE enumeration val of the specified type type into a text string.

The munge_enum_str_to_int() function converts the NUL-terminated case-insensitive string str into the corresponding MUNGE enumeration of the specified type type.

Return Value

The munge_enum_is_valid() function returns non-zero if the given value val is a valid enumeration.

The munge_enum_int_to_str() function returns a NUL-terminated constant text string, or NULL on error; this string should not be freed or modified by the caller.

The munge_enum_str_to_int() function returns a MUNGE enumeration on success (i.e., >= 0), or -1 on error.

Enum Types

The following enumeration types can be specified.


Specify enumerations for the available cipher types.


Specify enumerations for the available MAC types.


Specify enumerations for the available compression types.


Refer to munge(3) for a complete list of errors.


The following example program illustrates how a list of available cipher types can be queried.

#include <stdio.h>                      /* for printf() */
#include <stdlib.h>                     /* for exit() */
#include <munge.h>

main (int argc, char *argv[])
    int           i;
    const char   *p;
    munge_enum_t  t = MUNGE_ENUM_CIPHER;

    for (i = 0; (p = munge_enum_int_to_str (t, i)) != NULL; i++) {
        if (munge_enum_is_valid (t, i)) {
            printf ("%2d = %s\n", i, p);
    exit (0);


Chris Dunlap <>

See Also

munge(1), remunge(1), unmunge(1), munge(3), munge_ctx(3), munge(7), munged(8), mungekey(8).

Referenced By

munge(1), munge(3), munge(7), munge_ctx(3), munged(8), mungekey(8), remunge(1), unmunge(1).

The man pages munge_enum_int_to_str(3), munge_enum_is_valid(3) and munge_enum_str_to_int(3) are aliases of munge_enum(3).

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