mstl_init - Man Page

Initializing and freeing MSTraceList structures


#include <libmseed.h>

MSTrace      *mstl_init ( MSTrace *mstl );

void          mstl_free ( MSTrace **ppmstl, flag freeprvtptr );


mstl_init will initialize a MSTraceList structure.  If the mstl parameter is not NULL the structure will be cleared before being reallocated any memory allocated for associated MSTraceID and relate sub-structures will be freed.

mstl_free will free all memory associated with a MSTraceList structure and set the structure pointer (*ppmstl) to 0.  If the freeprvtptr flag is true any memory pointed to by the prvtptr members of the MSTraceID or MSTraceSeg structures.

Return Values

mstl_init returns a pointer to the MSTraceList structure initialized on success or NULL on error.

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The man page mstl_free(3) is an alias of mstl_init(3).

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