mst_addmsr - Man Page

Add time coverage and data samples to MSTrace structures


#include <libmseed.h>

int    *mst_addmsr ( MSTrace *mst, MSRecord *msr, flag whence );

int     mst_addspan ( MSTrace *mst, hptime_t starttime, hptime_t endtime,
                      void *datasamples, int64_t numsamples,
                      char sampletype,  flag whence );

MSTrace  *mst_addmsrtogroup ( MSTraceGroup *mstg, MSRecord *msr,
                              flag dataquality, double timetol,
                              double sampratetol );

MSTrace  *mst_addtracetogroup ( MSTraceGroup *mstg, MSTrace *mst );


These routines provides different ways of adding time coverage to MSTrace objects.  A common way to organize MSTrace objects is with a MSTraceGroup.  The mst_addmsrtogroup provides a convenient way to add MSRecord data to a MSTraceGroup, hiding many of the details of MSTrace matching and bookkeeping.

mst_addmsr will add the time coverage from a MSRecord to a MSTrace.  The start or end time will be updated and data samples copied if they exist.  No checking is done to verify that the record matches the trace in any way.  If whence is 1 the MSRecord coverage will be added at the end of the MSTrace.  If whence is 2 the MSRecord coverage will be added at the beginning of the MSTrace.

mst_addspan does the same thing as msr_addmsr except that time coverage and data samples are explicitly provided.  See ms_time(3) for a description of the high precision epoch time format needed for starttime and endtime.  See the Waveform Data section of ms_intro(3) for a description of data sample representation.

mst_addmsrtogroup adds time coverage from the specified MSRecord to the first adjacent MSTrace found in the specified MSTraceGroup.  If the dataquality flag is true traces will be grouped by quality in addition to the source name identifiers.  mst_findadjacent(3) is used with the specified sample rate and time tolerances to find an adjacent trace, see mst_findadjacent(3) for further details.  If no adjacent MSTrace is found a new MSTrace will be added to the MSTraceGroup.

mst_addtracetogroup adds a MSTrace structure to a MSTraceGroup structure.  The MSTrace is added at the end of the MSTrace chain.

Return Values

mst_addmsr and mst_addspan return 0 on success and -1 on error.

mst_addmsrtogroup returns a pointer to the MSTrace updated or 0 on error.

mst_addtracetogroup returns a pointer to the MSTrace added or 0 on error.

See Also

ms_intro(3), mst_init(3), mst_findadjacent(3) and ms_time(3).


Chad Trabant
IRIS Data Management Center

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The man pages mst_addmsrtogroup(3), mst_addspan(3) and mst_addtracetogroup(3) are aliases of mst_addmsr(3).

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