msr_addblockette - Man Page

Add a blockette to the blockette chain of an MSRecord structure


#include <libmseed.h>

BlktLink  *msr_addblockette ( MSRecord *msr, char *blktdata,
                              int length, int blkttype, int chainpos );


msr_addblockette adds a blockette to a blockette chain of an MSRecord structure.  The chainpos value controls which end of the chain the blockette is added to.  If chainpos is 0 the blockette will be added to the end of the chain (last blockette), other wise it will be added to the beginning of the chain (first blockette). A blockette chain is composed of linked BlktLink structures.  A blockette chain for a given MSRecord structure begins at MSRecord.blkts.

blktdata should be the blockette body (no blockette type and next header) of length bytes and type blkttype.

Data structures for all SEED 2.4 data blockette types are defined in libmseed.h with these minor exceptions: Blockette 2000 (opaque data) is only partially represented as it has an unknown data structure by definition and Blockette 405 which depends on full SEED for a full data description.  It is highly recommended to use these provided data structures when adding blockettes as it allows the library to manipulate the blockette (swap byte order, etc.) and assures SEED 2.4 compatibility.

Return Value

msr_addblockette returns a pointer to the BlktLink structure added to the blockette chain on success or NULL on error.

See Also

ms_intro(3), msr_pack(3) and msr_unpack(3).


Chad Trabant
IRIS Data Management Center

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2006/02/27 Libmseed API