ms_splitsrcname - Man Page

Split source names into the SEED naming nomenclature.


#include <libmseed.h>

char  *ms_splitsrcname ( char *srcname, char *net, char * sta,
                         char * loc, char *chan, char *qual );


The ms_splitsrcname routine parses SEED channel naming components from a source name string in the following format:


The first four components are required to uniquely identify a SEED channel, generally these are always present in a srcname.  The Quality code is normally optional in a source name.

The arguments for the first four components (net, sta, loc & chan) are treated as strings but the quality code (qual) is treated as a pointer to a single character.

Memory for the requested component strings must already be allocated. If a component pointer is NULL it will not be parsed from the string.

Source names in the expected format are created, for example, by the ms_recsrcname(3), msr_srcname(3) and mst_srcname(3) routines.

Location Ids and Spaces

The source name should never include spaces.  The fixed format nature of SEED data records leads to blank or unused location IDs represented by spaces, in a source name such blank location IDs should be collapsed to nothing in the resulting sources names.  A blank location ID is parsed from a source name as an empty string (not two spaces).


This usage will result in net="IU", sta="ANMO", loc="00", chan="BHZ" and qual will remain unchanged (because it was not contained in the input srcname):

ms_splitsrcname("IU_ANMO_00_BHZ", net, sta, loc, chan, qual);

This usage will limit the parsing to only the network and station components with net="IU", sta="ANMO":

ms_splitsrcname("IU_ANMO_00_BHZ", net, sta, NULL, NULL, NULL);

The following usage illustrates a blank location ID and included quality code:

ms_splitsrcname("IU_ANMO__BHZ_Q", net, sta, loc, chan, qual);

The result is:

net = "IU"
sta = "ANMO"
loc = ""
chan = "BHZ"
qual = 'Q'

Return Values

Return 0 on success and -1 on error.

See Also

ms_recsrcname(3), msr_srcname(3) and mst_srcname(3).


Chad Trabant
IRIS Data Management Center


2009/12/19 Libmseed API