ms_gswap - Man Page

Generalized, in-place byte swapping routines


#include <libmseed.h>

void  ms_gswap2 ( void *data2 );

void  ms_gswap3 ( void *data3 );

void  ms_gswap4 ( void *data4 );

void  ms_gswap8 ( void *data8 );

void  ms_gswap2a ( void *data2 );

void  ms_gswap4a ( void *data4 );

void  ms_gswap8a ( void *data8 );


These routines swap between LSBF (little-endian) and MSBF (big-endian) byte orders.  The specified quantities are swapped in-place.  There are two versions of most routines: a generic one that works on quantities regardless of memory alignment (ms_gswap#) and one that works on memory aligned quantities (ms_gswap#a).  The versions for memory aligned quantities are much faster than their generic versions, but the memory *must* be aligned.  You have been warned. There is only a generic version for 3-byte quantities.


Chad Trabant
IRIS Data Management Center

Referenced By

The man pages ms_gswap2(3), ms_gswap2a(3), ms_gswap3(3), ms_gswap4(3), ms_gswap4a(3), ms_gswap8(3) and ms_gswap8a(3) are aliases of ms_gswap(3).

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