mongoc_cursor_set_max_await_time_ms man page

mongoc_cursor_set_max_await_time_ms ā€” mongoc_cursor_set_max_await_time_ms()


mongoc_cursor_set_max_await_time_ms (mongoc_cursor_t *cursor,
                                     uint32_t max_await_time_ms);



The maximum amount of time for the server to wait on new documents to satisfy a tailable cursor query. Only applies if the cursor is created from mongoc_collection_find_with_opts with "tailable" and "awaitData" options, and the server is MongoDB 3.2 or later. See the documentation for maxTimeMS and the "getMore" command.

The max_await_time_ms cannot be changed after the first call to mongoc_cursor_next.

This is not applicable to all cursors. Calling mongoc_cursor_set_batch_size on a cursor returned by mongoc_client_find_databases_with_opts, mongoc_database_find_collections_with_opts, or mongoc_collection_find_indexes_with_opts will not change the results.

Note: although max_await_time_ms is a uint32_t, it is possible to set it as a uint64_t through the options arguments in some cursor returning functions like mongoc_collection_find_with_opts().

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