mongoc_client_command man page

mongoc_client_command — mongoc_client_command()


mongoc_cursor_t *
mongoc_client_command (mongoc_client_t *client,
                       const char *db_name,
                       mongoc_query_flags_t flags,
                       uint32_t skip,
                       uint32_t limit,
                       uint32_t batch_size,
                       const bson_t *query,
                       const bson_t *fields,
                       const mongoc_read_prefs_t *read_prefs);

Superseded by mongoc_client_read_command_with_opts(), mongoc_client_write_command_with_opts(), and mongoc_client_read_write_command_with_opts().

This function creates a cursor which will execute the command when mongoc_cursor_next is called on it. The client’s read preference, read concern, and write concern are not applied to the command, and mongoc_cursor_next will not check the server response for a write concern error or write concern timeout.

If mongoc_cursor_next() returns false, then retrieve error details with mongoc_cursor_error() or mongoc_cursor_error_document().



A mongoc_cursor_t.

The cursor should be freed with mongoc_cursor_destroy().


MongoDB, Inc


Oct 12, 2017 1.8.1 MongoDB C Driver