mlx5dv_dump - Man Page


mlx5dv_dump_dr_domain — Dump DR Domain

mlx5dv_dump_dr_table — Dump DR Table

mlx5dv_dump_dr_matcher — Dump DR Matcher

mlx5dv_dump_dr_rule — Dump DR Rule


#include <infiniband/mlx5dv.h>

int mlx5dv_dump_dr_domain(FILE *fout, struct mlx5dv_dr_domain *domain);
int mlx5dv_dump_dr_table(FILE *fout, struct mlx5dv_dr_table *table);
int mlx5dv_dump_dr_matcher(FILE *fout, struct mlx5dv_dr_matcher *matcher);
int mlx5dv_dump_dr_rule(FILE *fout, struct mlx5dv_dr_rule *rule);


The Dump API (mlx5dv_dump_*) allows the dumping of the existing rdma-core resources to the provided file. The output file format is vendor specific.

mlx5dv_dump_dr_domain() dumps a DR Domain object properties to a specified file.

mlx5dv_dump_dr_table() dumps a DR Table object properties to a specified file.

mlx5dv_dump_dr_matcher() dumps a DR Matcher object properties to a specified file.

mlx5dv_dump_dr_rule() dumps a DR Rule object properties to a specified file.

Return Value

The API calls returns 0 on success, or the value of errno on failure (which indicates the failure reason). The calls are blocking - function returns only when all related resources info is written to the file.


Yevgeny Kliteynik <> Muhammad Sammar <>

Referenced By

The man pages mlx5dv_dump_dr_domain(3), mlx5dv_dump_dr_matcher(3), mlx5dv_dump_dr_rule(3) and mlx5dv_dump_dr_table(3) are aliases of mlx5dv_dump(3).

2019-11-18 mlx5 Programmer’s Manual