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mlx5dv_create_mkey - Man Page


mlx5dv_create_mkey — Creates an indirect mkey

mlx5dv_destroy_mkey — Destroys an indirect mkey


#include <infiniband/mlx5dv.h>

struct mlx5dv_mkey_init_attr {
    struct ibv_pd   *pd;
    uint32_t    create_flags;
    uint16_t    max_entries;

struct mlx5dv_mkey {
    uint32_t    lkey;
    uint32_t    rkey;

struct mlx5dv_mkey *
mlx5dv_create_mkey(struct mlx5dv_mkey_init_attr *mkey_init_attr);

int mlx5dv_destroy_mkey(struct mlx5dv_mkey *mkey);


Create / destroy an indirect mkey.

Create an indirect mkey to enable application uses its specific device functionality.




ibv protection domain.


MLX5DV_MKEY_INIT_ATTR_FLAGS_INDIRECT: Indirect mkey is being created. MLX5DV_MKEY_INIT_ATTR_FLAGS_BLOCK_SIGNATURE: Enable block signature offload support for mkey. MLX5DV_MKEY_INIT_ATTR_FLAGS_CRYPTO: Enable crypto offload support for mkey. Setting this flag means that crypto operations will be done and hence, must be configured. I.e. if this flag is set and the MKey was not configured for crypto properties using mlx5dv_wr_set_mkey_crypto(), then running traffic with the MKey will fail, generating a CQE with error. MLX5DV_MKEY_INIT_ATTR_FLAGS_UPDATE_TAG: Enable update tag support for mkey. Setting this flag allows an application to set the mkey tag post of creating the mkey. If the kernel does not support updating the mkey tag, mkey creation will fail. MLX5DV_MKEY_INIT_ATTR_FLAGS_REMOTE_INVALIDATE: Enable remote invalidation support for mkey.


Requested max number of pointed entries by this indirect mkey. The function will update the mkey_init_attr->max_entries with the actual mkey value that was created; it will be greater than or equal to the value requested.

Return Value

Upon success mlx5dv_create_mkey will return a new struct mlx5dv_mkey on error NULL will be returned and errno will be set.

Upon success destroy 0 is returned or the value of errno on a failure.


To let this functionality works a DEVX context should be opened by using mlx5dv_open_device.

The created indirect mkey can`t work with scatter to CQE feature, consider mlx5dv_create_qp() with MLX5DV_QP_CREATE_DISABLE_SCATTER_TO_CQE for small messages.

See Also

mlx5dv_open_device(3), mlx5dv_create_qp(3)


Yishai Hadas <yishaih@mellanox.com>

Referenced By

mlx5dv_mkey_check(3), mlx5dv_qp_cancel_posted_send_wrs(3), mlx5dv_wr_mkey_configure(3), mlx5dv_wr_post(3), mlx5dv_wr_set_mkey_crypto(3), mlx5dv_wr_set_mkey_sig_block(3).

The man page mlx5dv_destroy_mkey(3) is an alias of mlx5dv_create_mkey(3).