mkd-line - Man Page

do Markdown translation of small items


Markdown (libmarkdown, -lmarkdown)


#include <mkdio.h>

mkd_line(char *string, int size, char **doc, int flags);

mkd_generateline(char *string, int size, FILE *output, int flags);


Occasionally one might want to do markdown translations on fragments of data, like the title of an weblog article, a date, or a simple signature line. mkd_line and mkd_generateline allow you to do markdown translations on small blocks of text. mkd_line allocates a buffer, then writes the translated text into that buffer, and mkd_generateline writes the output to the specified FILE*.

See Also

markdown(1), markdown(3), markdown(7), mkd-extensions(7), mmap(2).


Error handling is minimal at best.

Referenced By

markdown(3), mkd-callbacks(3), mkd-extensions(7), mkd-functions(3).

The man pages mkd_generateline(3) and mkd_line(3) are aliases of mkd-line(3).

January 18, 2008