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memkind_dax_kmem - Man Page


memkind_dax_kmem ā€” DAX KMEM memory memkind operations.
Note: This is EXPERIMENTAL API. The functionality and the header file itself can be changed (including non-backward compatible changes) or removed.


int memkind_dax_kmem_all_get_mbind_nodemask(struct memkind *kind, unsigned long *nodemask, unsigned long maxnode);


DAX KMEM memory memkind operations.

memkind_dax_kmem_all_get_mbind_nodemask() sets the nodemask bits to one that correspond to the all persistent memory NUMA nodes in the system. All other bits up to maxnode are set to zero. The nodemask can be used in conjunction with the mbind(2) system call.

See Also

memkind(3), memkind_arena(3), memkind_default(3), memkind_hugetlb(3), memkind_pmem(3), jemalloc(3), mbind(2), mmap(2)

Referenced By


2019-07-19 Intel Corporation MEMKIND_DAX_KMEM