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memcached_server_list_free - Man Page

libmemcached Documentation


#include <libmemcached/memcached.h>

Compile and link with -lmemcached

typedef struct memcached_instance_st memcached_instance_st

typedef struct memcached_server_st memcached_server_st

typedef struct memcached_server_st *memcached_server_list_st

void memcached_server_list_free(memcached_server_list_st list)

list -- instance of initialized memcached_server_list_st object

memcached_server_list_st memcached_server_list_append(memcached_server_list_st list, const char *hostname, in_port_t port, memcached_return_t *error)
  • list -- instance of an existing memcached_server_list_st or nullptr to create one
  • hostname -- the hostname or path to the socket, defaults to localhost if null
  • port -- the port to use, defaults to 11211 if 0
  • error -- pointer to store any memcached_return_t error indicating success

new instance of memcached_server_list_st on success or nullptr on failure

uint32_t memcached_server_list_count(memcached_server_list_st list)

list -- instance of memcached_server_list_st


count of servers in the list

const char *memcached_server_error(const memcached_instance_st *instance)

instance -- pointer to an initialized memcached_instance_st object


last error message sent from the server to the client

void memcached_server_error_reset(const memcached_instance_st *list)

Deprecated since version 0.39.

void memcached_servers_parse()

Deprecated since version 0.39.

See memcached().


libmemcached operates on a list of hosts which are stored in memcached_server_st structures. You should not modify these structures directly. Functions are provided to modify these structures.

memcached_server_list() is used to provide an array of all defined hosts. This was incorrectly documented as "requiring free" up till version 0.39.

memcached_server_list_free() deallocates all memory associated with the array of memcached_server_st that you passed to it.

memcached_server_list_append() adds a server to the end of a memcached_server_st array. On error null will be returned and the memcached_return_t pointer you passed into the function will be set with the appropriate error. If the value of port is zero, it is set to the default port of a memcached server.

DEPRECATED memcached_servers_parse(), please see memcached()

memcached_server_error() can be used to look at the text of the last error message sent by the server to to the client.

Before version 0.39 theses functions used a memcached_server_st *. In 0.39 memcached_server_st * was aliased to memcached_server_list_st. This was done for a style reason to help clean up some concepts in the code.

Return Value

Varies, see particular functions.

See Also

memcached(1) libmemcached(3) memcached_servers(3) memcached_strerror(3)


Jan 25, 2024 1.1 libmemcached-awesome