mbk.3alc - Man Page

Generic layout ,netlist and utility data structures


mbk has several global variables that need to be known by the programmer.

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al.5alc(5), locon.3alc(3), MBK_CATA_LIB.1alc(1), MBK_CK.1alc(1), MBK_FILTER_SFX.1alc(1), MBK_IN_FILTER.1alc(1), MBK_IN_LO.1alc(1), MBK_IN_PH.1alc(1), MBK_OUT_FILTER.1alc(1), MBK_OUT_LO.1alc(1), MBK_OUT_PH.1alc(1), MBK_SEPAR.1alc(1), MBK_TRACE_GETENV.1alc(1), MBK_VDD.1alc(1), MBK_VSS.1alc(1), MBK_WORK_LIB.1alc(1).

October 1, 1997 ASIM/LIP6 cao-vlsi reference manual