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matlab ā€” MATLAB / GNU Octave Interface

MEPACK provides an interface for MATLAB and GNU Octave. The interface is optional and its build need to be enabled separately. See Installation for details. Once upon the interface is build, the files either reside in


for the MATLAB interface and in


for the GNU Octave interface. These paths need to be added to your MATLAB or GNU Octave search path.

Interface Functions

The MATLAB and GNU Octave interface provides access to all basic routines of MEPACK. All function provide a detailed help page, which is accessible via

help mepack_XXXXXX

The following interfaces exist for general coefficient matrices:

The following interfaces are available for (quasi-) triangular coefficient matrices:

The following routines implement the iterative refinement strategy:

Known Issues

MATLAB and OpenMP Codes

Due to bugs in MATLABs GNU OpenMP - Intel OpenMP wrapper, algorithms using OpenMP's task dependencies are disable when calling the interface from MATLAB. The algorithms can be enabled at runtime by setting the openmp value in the optional options structure to 1.


Tue Mar 7 2023 Version 1.0.3 MEPACK