mail::account::saveFolderIndexInfo.3x - Man Page

Update message status


#include <libmail/mail.H>

class myCallback : public mail::callback {
    void success(std::string msg);
    void fail(std::string msg);
mail::account *account;

account->saveFolderIndexInfo(size_t messageNum, const messageInfo &msgInfo, myCallback &callback);


mail::account::saveFolderIndexInfo changes the status of a message. messageNum must be between zero and one less than the return code from mail::account::getFolderIndexSize(3x). msgInfo contains the new status flags for this message. See mail::account::getFolderIndexInfo(3x) for a description of message status flags.


The uid field in msgInfo is ignored. The message is specified by messageNum, and unique IDs of existing messages cannot be changed.

Return Codes

The application must wait until callback's success or fail method is invoked. The success method is invoked when this request is succesfully processed. The fail method is invoked if this request cannot be processed. The application must not destroy callback until either the success or fail method is invoked.


callback's fail method may be invoked even after other callback methods were invoked. This indicates that the request was partially completed before the error was encountered.


The application is notified about when a message's status changes by by invoking the messageChanged callback method of the currently opened folder's mail::folderCallback object. Depending on the mail server, the messageChanged method may be invoked as part of processing this request, or some time later after this request is completed, and callback's success method was invoked.


Multiple applications may have the same account and folder opened at the same time. It is possible that a message referenced by this request was already deleted by another application. Depending on the underlying server implementation this will result in either a failed request, invoking, or the request completing (callback.success invoked) but without invoking any callback function that refer to the message.

See Also

mail::account::removeMessages(3x), mail::account::updateFolderIndexFlags(3x), mail::account::updateFolderIndexInfo(3x), mail::account::getFolderIndexInfo(3x).


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