mail::account::folderFromString.3x - Man Page

Restore a folder object


#include <libmail/mail.H>
mail::account *account;
mail::folder *folder;

std::string savedFolder=folder->toString();


mail::folder *f=account->folderFromString(std::string savedFolder);


savedFolder is a folder object that was previously saved as a string. The mail::account::folderFromString method recreates the original folder object. That is, the returned mail::folder object refers to the same mail folder as the original mail::folder object.


Folders may only be recreated by mail::account objects that reference the same mail account referenced by the original mail::folder object.

Return Codes and Callbacks

This function returns a NULL pointer if it cannot allocate memory for the new mail::folder object.


mail::folders are linked to their corresponding mail::accounts. A mail::folder created by one mail::account may not be used with a different mail::folder. All mail::folders created by a mail::account are invalidated when this mail::account object is destroyed. Note that the mail::folder objects are not automatically destroyed; the application is still responsible for destroying any remaining mail::folders, after their a mail::account is destroyed.

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