mail::ACCOUNT::login.3x - Man Page

Open a new mail account


#include <libmail/sync.H>

mail::ACCOUNT *mail=new mail::ACCOUNT;

mail::account::openInfo accountOpenInfo;

bool ok=mail->login(accountOpenInfo);

std::string errmsg=mail->getErrmsg();


mail::ACCOUNT::login opens a new mail account. The mail account's location is specified by accountOpenInfo. See mail::account::open(3x) for the description of the parameters set by accountOpenInfo.

Return Codes and Callbacks

This method returns true if it succeeds, or false if it fails. If the method fails, use mail::ACCOUNT::getErrmsg() to read a brief description of the error.


The object must be destroyed if mail::ACCOUNT::login fails. A new mail::ACCOUNT object must be created for another login attempt.

See Also

mail::ACCOUNT::logout(3x), mail::loginUrlEncode(3x), mail::setAppCharset(3x).


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