lxi_discover - Man Page

search for LXI devices on network


#include <lxi.h>

int lxi_discover(lxi_info_t *info, int timeout, lxi_discover_t type);


The lxi_discover() function searches for LXI devices or services on the local network using VXI-11 or mDNS/DNS-SD respectively. Which discover type is used is defined as follows:

typedef enum
} lxi_discover_t;

During the discover operation events and results are returned by callbacks registered via the info structure, defined as follows:

typedef struct
    void (*broadcast)(char *address, char *interface);
    void (*device)(char *address, char *id);
    void (*service)(char *address, char *id, char *service, int port);
} lxi_info_t;

The broadcast callback is called whenever a new network interface is searched (DISCOVER_VXI11 only).

The device callback is called whenever a new LXI device is found (DISCOVER_VXI11 only).

The service callback is called whenever a new LXI service is found (DISCOVER_MDNS only).

The timeout is in milliseconds.

Return Value

Upon successful completion lxi_discover() returns LXI_OK , or LXI_ERROR if an error occurred.


The following example searches for LXI devices using VXI-11 and prints the ID and IP addresses of found devices:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <lxi.h>

void broadcast(char *address, char *interface)
    printf("Broadcasting on interface %s\n", interface);

void device(char *address, char *id)
    printf(" Found %s on address %s\n", id, address);

int main()
    lxi_info_t info;

    // Initialize LXI library

    // Set up search information callbacks
    info.broadcast = &broadcast;
    info.device = &device;

    printf("Searching for LXI devices - please wait...\n");

    // Search for LXI devices, 1 second timeout
    lxi_discover(&info, 1000, DISCOVER_VXI11);

    return 0;

See Also

lxi_discover_if(3) lxi_init(3) lxi_open(3), lxi_close(3) lxi_receive(3), lxi_disconnect(3),

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